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We are committed to creating scenarios where we can formulate, test and initiate blockchain applications to life changing paradigms.

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Our Vision

Botcoin has a vision for the future, it can be very simply broken down into the following concepts.

Smart Islands

IOT data driven islands all centralised through blockchain initiatives in efforts to not only clean up the islands but alleviate poverty.

Smart Rivers

Ensuring major water systems are not only kept clean through IOT and Drone Driven Technology but are sources of economic growth through the smart decisions that the data will enable.

Smart Oceans

The Final Hurdle of cleaning up the oceans while also enabling econonic growth through the likes of smart fishing and logistical solutions to reduce waste.

What is Botcoin?

We are working towards a world free of waste, restored to its pristine state. Using Technology to do so.

Botcoin is our Cryptocurrency solution to a human problem. Using cutting edge technologies, Botcoin enables positive change that will have a tangible impact on the world for generations to come. Its a Revolution of like-minded humans for the Environment that we take for granted and the poor people that were left behind leveraging token incentivation, trusted blockchain ledgers , Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

We will bring data back home to create smart islands  and even smarter decisions.

Botcoins core values

These are the core values which drive the enterprise.

Bringing Value Back into the Blockchain

Base of a Social Enterprise

Driving our Innovation Toward a circular economy.

Humanize our Tech with Proof of Concept Initiatives.

Our Diverse Team

The best ideas mean nothing without solid execution. Solid execution requires a solid team of diverse skills and backgrounds.

team image

Mariano Jose Diaz Villafuerte IV

Founder, CEO
team image

José María De Uriarte Díaz

Science Advisor
team image

Sai Villafuerte

Botcoin Team Member
team image

Micheline Logan

Chief Knowledge Officer
team image

Andrew Margetts

Chief Technology Officer
team image

Mikel Sala

Botcoin Team Member
team image

Patrick Hesse

Botcoin Team Member
team image

Inez Quimson

Financial Consultant
team image

Enrique Martin R. Hormillo

Business Development
team image

Alfredo Roa

Environmental Innovations Director
team image

Camille Rivera

Lead Marine Biologist
team image

Sanya Smith

Marketing Lead
team image

Ornusa Cadness

Executive Administrator
team image

Ashley Horne

Lead Graphics Designer

Our Expert Advisors

We value experience, and with that we have gathered a strong group of expert advisors to further strengthen our organizational capability.

team image

Ryan Lee

Expert Advisor
team image

Joe Dignan

Expert Advisor
team image

Andy Ryu

Expert Advisor
team image

Youngchul Moon

Expert Advisor

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